Will Kelly Slater Chase 12th World Title?

Will Kelly Slater Chase 12th World Title? 2014

Will Kelly Slater Chase 12th World Title? 2014

Craig Jarvis’ interview with The King

Craig Jarvis interviews The King about J-Bay, Jordy Smith, Gabriel Medina, board choice and his competitive mind set.

And what else is up with Kelly right now? There was that round three loss at J-Bay to Matt Wilkinson, and more interestingly, the total nonchalance with which Kelly behaved afterwards. A man usually so compelled to win, disarms when he accepts (or appears to accept) an early loss so calmly. He joked afterwards about Wilko getting slower waves, he charmed the mainstream media, and talked freely to spectators and fans. He looked a man in a happy place. We wanted to know about Kelly’s feels towards the tour right now, what his opinion on the Jeremy Flores incident is, or Jordy Smith’s early J-Bay loss, and how Mr Slater’s feeling about 2015 in general…

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