Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach: Nick Carroll’s Preview

Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach: Nick Carroll’s Preview 2015

Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach: Nick Carroll's Preview 2015

Nick Carroll’s preview

Nick Carroll takes a look at the veterans, the rookies and who to keep an eye on at Bells.

Favourites: Toledo, Mick, Julian, Medina
Don’t miss: Jordy, JJF, Slater, Wilko
Potentially lethal: Owen, Pupo, Parko, ADS, Kolohe, Taj
Dark horses: Italo, Nat, Wiggolly

It’s been three years since someone won back to back CTs (guess who…yep, Kelly, in 2012), and while multiple winners during a year aren’t uncommon, double-ups are–probably because to pull it these days, you’ve gotta win too many heats running. Regardless, we reckon Filipe’s as good a chance as anyone, given his scorching form and the nature of the surf forecast. You need to be super psyched to win a small Bells, and he is. Julian got very close to the Bell last year and has a better grip on the winning formula this year. Fanning is in excellent form with an excellent quiver and many years of succeeding here; while he is vulnerable to a hyperactive air master or backside spray-thrower, he’s still a good bet in a town where he feels so at home. And Gabriel, hell, he is Gabriel. Chances of him blowing another event entry the way he did at Snapper, we reckon, might be as close to zero as it gets.

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