Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast: Nick Carroll’s Preview

Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast: Nick Carroll’s Preview 2015

Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast: Nick Carroll's Preview 2014

Nick Carroll’s preview

Nick Carroll takes a look at the veterans, the rookies and who to keep an eye on at Snapper.

Parko (6), Kolohe (11), Owen (12), Julian (14) and Filipe (17) all seem like they’re currently seeded a tiny bit below their potential at this event. If they get to round three’s re-seeding, they’ll probably pull guys well within their range. Simpo, CJ and Micro are at the other end and will instantly draw some hot shot or other. This stuff tends to work itself out during a WCT year but it throws a curve into the Quik Pro every time, this year perhaps more than most.

Personally, aside from the above, I’m gonna be watching the surprise package guys: Ricardo Christie, Matt Banting, Filipe, and Keanu Asing. Christie has one of the best power surfing styles to come along in years, Banting’s relaxed enough to get past the rookie nerves, Keanu’s a muscly little fella and Filipe might build a world title run base in 2015. And I’m gonna watch Kelly and Mick because how can you not.

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