Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast: Jimmicane’s Pundit Picks

Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast: Jimmicane’s Pundit Picks 2015

Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast: Jimmicane's Pundit Picks 2015

Jimmicane’s Passion Picks

Surfing Magazine’s Jimmicane gives his passion picks for the 2015 Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast at Snapper or Kirra.

Pick ’em
The Elite: Fanning, Parko
The Grinders: Kolohe, Owen, Julian, Toledo
The Strugglers: Dusty, Ferreira

Maybe consider
The Elite: Medina
The Grinders: Nat
The Strugglers: Wilko

If you’re playing a game of word association and the topic is the Gold Coast, I’ll be damned if the first thing out of your mouth isn’t Mick Fanning. Kelly might be Pipeline Jesus — and he’s certainly Cloudbreak Jesus — but Mick is officially Superbank Jesus.

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  1. i think that your instincts and iihsgnt are right on. both billabong and quiksilver seem to be getting very active in buying up the mid-range brands that are diluting their market. all of this is, of course, very illegal and a violation of u.s. anti-trust laws.but that’s not the only way the big action sports brands are trying to shut out the small brands to better control the market. did you know that the big brands actually rent space in retail stores ostensibly to ensure placement and display of their product lines while effectively blocking out smaller brands from displaying their collections because they cannot afford to pay to rent space in retail stores. a good friend of mine who is the sales rep for a mid-range brand told me that his brand is effectively shut out from competing in the retail market in his area. he’s even had to get a second job because of the sales commissions he’s lost. if this practice is not illegal it is at the very least unethical because it restrains fair market competition within the industry.i own and design 5 small, surf/skate niche brands. part of my business strategy is to stay very small and focus on marketing my sales directly to my niche markets so that i will never represent a potential threat to the big brands.

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