Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast Highlights: R3

Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast Highlights: R3

Flores’ interference on Adriano: Ya, Adriano had priority, and ya, Flores could have put the brakes on a little harder, but Adriano could have easily taken off on this wave without running into Flores. Flores received an interference call that cost him the heat. It was a cheap move by Adriano. As you can see from the clip, Flores was PISSED. I would have been too.

Owen’s wave at the buzzer: Having nailed the highest single wave score of the round (9.73), Owen only needed a 6.31 to win the heat. On his last wave, he pulled a pretty technical maneuver early, and was on his way to the heat win until he bogged a rail on an easy turn and fell. That little fall cost him the heat. Gutting.

Interview with CJ: Even CJ thinks Manimal got ripped off with CJ’s win over Melling. “I don’t even know what happened ’cause it didn’t feel like I ripped any waves by any means.” Great interview.

Slater’s 9.07: Ya, Slater rules. This is probably my favorite wave of the round.

Nat’s 9.00: Not a lot of variation, but Nat tears this wave up.

Owen’s 9.73: Great back-hand surfing.

Pupo’s 8.87: He surfed well in this heat.

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