Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast Highlights: Final Rounds

Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast Highlights: Final Rounds 2014

1.) Gabriel Medina–The Giant Killer
Check out these final waves from Medina. Mind blowing comebacks three heats in a row.

Quarterfinals: Medina gets a 9.40 with 5 minutes left to take out Mick Fanning, the defending World Champion.

Semifinals: Medina gets a 7.23 with 40 seconds left to take out Taj Burrow, the 2012 Gold Coast Champion.

Finals: Parko opened with a quick 9.00 and backed it up with a 7.27. With 7 minutes left, Medina was comboed and needed two waves to win. He got them–first an 8.50 and then a minute later a 7.83. …as Mac said in his 1:15 am text to me: “Medina…CLUTCH!”

2.) Parko–Unstoppable…almost
Parko looked unstoppable. He was getting shacked over and over again–more than anyone else by far. He just knew where to be. Medina took the event, but Parko’s overall performance was unreal. Here are a few waves worth watching.

Quarterfinals: 8.93 vs Pupo

Semifinals: 9.93 vs Adriano (Adriano didn’t know what hit him)

Finals: 9.00 vs Medina

3.) Interviews

Freddy-P: Freddy-P was not happy that he didn’t get the final score he needed to get past CJ in R5.

Mick: I just thought this was a cool, chill interview for a guy who just lost a big heat to an underdog.

Slater: Slater sounded a little rattled after his loss to Adriano (who is now 5-0 vs The King in their last five). Here’s to hoping they meet again at some point this year–you know Slater will be gunning to take him out.

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