Quiksilver’s Tribute Video to The King

Quiksilver’s Tribute Video to The King

When Kelly Slater first signed with Quiksilver, Gloria Estefan had the number one single and the teenage world was about to shift from Poison to Pearl Jam. Dances with Wolves had just won best picture. There was no internet*. Gabriel Medina hadn’t been born. Here’s a farewell tribute by Quiksilver to The King.

* OK, there was an internet, but nobody really knew about it.

Drug Aware Margaret River Pro R1 Highlights

ASP Drug Aware Margaret River Pro R1 Highlights 2014

ASP Drug Aware Margaret River Pro R1 Highlights 2014Jordy Smith – looking strong on this 8.33.

Adam Melling – surfing with a torn MCL, forces Parko into R2 with this little gem that scores him a 7.67.

Slater vs Yadin – The local wildcard winner put in a great heat to force Slater into R2. Here, Slater shows us what a missed air attempt looks like quickly followed by Yadin’s heat-winning 8.23.

I feel bad beating Kelly, considering that he doesn’t have a sponsor. – Yadin Nicol

Julian Wilson – forces Flores into R2 with help from this 7.50.

Miguel Pupo – not a huge scoring wave here (6.50), but shows Pupo looking as smooth as ever.

Jadson Andre – upsets both Adriano and Owen with waves like this 7.17.

…and our favorite heat of the day: Medina vs JJF

Gabriel Medina – takes the heat win and to the air with this 8.90 (overscored? …we think so…got a bit stuck there).

I saw John start to do airs, and thought, I have to do the same…
When I see him, I want to beat him. – Gabriel Medina

John John Florence – making something out of nothing on this 7.67.

Red Bull 21 Days: Burrow/Kerr (Part 3)

Red Bull 21 Days Burrow Kerr Part 3

Red Bull has released Part 3 of the 21 Days: Burrow/Kerr series unveiling another chapter in the lives of Taj Burrow and Josh Kerr leading up to the 2014 ASP Drug Aware Margaret River Pro.

Drug Aware Margaret River Pro Picks: By The Numbers

Drug Aware Margaret River Pro Picks: By The Numbers

Drug Aware Margaret River Pro Picks: By The Numbers

Surfer Stats

[Original post: March 30] This year, we’re going to run an experiment where we pick the aspwedge Fantasy Surfer team based on past results. For our club teams, we make our picks using our guts and the biases that come along with that. But for these posts, we’re picking without looking at the surfers’ names. Instead, we’re using the numbers that generate the graphs on the Surfers page. We’ve “typed” each wave barrel, performance or power (see below) and will fill the aspwedge team with the surfers who have averaged the highest on that type of wave over the past two seasons (plus this season so far). We’ll try to maximize the overall average for the amount of money we have leaving $1,500,000 for a wildcard. For the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro, we’re typing it as a “power wave”. With that, here is the aspwedge “by the numbers” team:

[UPDATE: April 1] With the forecast calling for smaller waves, we’re switching to typing Margs as a “performance wave” and have adjusted our team accordingly.

New team (based on performance wave results):

Avg pts
Taj Burrow $10,500,000 147
Jordy Smith $9,500,000 130
Adriano De Souza $8,250,000 133
Michel Bourez $7,250,000 113
Filipe Toledo $6,000,000 118
Travis Logie $3,250,000 92
Owen Wright $3,250,000 82
Yadin Nicol $1,500,000 66
Total: $49,500,000 881

Old team (based on power wave results):

Avg pts
Kelly Slater $11,750,000 145
Joel Parkinson $11,750,000 145
Adriano De Souza $8,250,000 123
Jeremy Flores $5,750,000 102
Mitch Crews $4,500,000 100
Dion Atkinson $3,250,000 83
Owen Wright $3,250,000 73
Yadin Nicol $1,500,000 66
Total: $50,000,000 837

Wave types…
Barrels: Pipe 2012/2103, Portugal 2012/2013, France 2012, Tahiti 2012/2013, Bali 2013, Fiji 2012/2013
Performance: Steamer Lane 2013, France 2013, Trestles 2012/2013, Rio 2012/2013, Snapper 2012
Power: Snapper 2013/2014, Bells 2012/2013

Drug Aware Margaret River Pro: Wildcards and Last Minute Picks

Drug Aware Margaret River Pro Wildcards and Last Minute Picks

Drug Aware Margaret River Pro Wildcards

Drug Aware Margaret River Pro R1 Heat Draw

For those of you looking to make last minute changes to your Fantasy Surfer teams, here are some updates:

  • Tiago Pires is out with a recurring knee injury.
  • Mitch Coleborn is taking Tiago’s spot.
  • Nathan Hedge won the trials and will get the first wildcard spot.
  • Yadin Nicol was runner-up at the trials and receives the second wildcard spot.

Former winners at the Margaret River Pro (non-World Tour event) surfing this year:

  • John John Florence (2012)
  • Josh Kerr (2010)
  • Joel Parkinson (2002)
  • Mick Fanning (2001)
  • Taj Burrow (1997)

Forecast for this year: It ain’t going to be a classic year. Four-ish foot to start the event and two-to-three for the remainder unless a surprise low off the coast kicks into gear very soon. A contest for the jibbers. -more-
– Derek Rielly, Red Bull

In with Toledo? Out with CJ? Check out the chart at the bottom of the Surfers page to see the difference in past results in power vs performance waves. Check out Bourez!

Slater Splits from Quiksilver

Slater Splits from Quiksilver

Slater Splits from Quiksilver

There aren’t enough pages or words to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the experiences that have come from this relationship we’ve [Quiksilver] shared together. So it is with a heavy heart and a lifetime of positive memories that I move in a new chapter of my life.

As I contemplate the amazing opportunities I’ve had in life and the amount of good fortune I’ve encountered along the way, I’m excited to announce today that I’m embarking on a new journey. For years I’ve dreamt of developing a brand that combines my love of clean living, responsibility and style. The inspiration for this brand comes from the people and cultures I encounter in my constant global travels and this is my opportunity to build something the way I have always wanted to.

– Kelly Slater

Drug Aware Margaret River Pro Story Lines

Drug Aware Margaret River Pro Story Lines

Drug Aware Margaret River Pro Story LinesAs the Drug Aware Margaret River Pro is set to begin in the next few days, there a number of story lines we’ll be keeping a close eye on:

  • After getting bounced early at Snapper, Jordy and JJF should be surfing with something to prove. Poor results here will seriously hurt both of these top 5 contenders’ shots for legitimate World Title runs. Let’s hope we see them perform to their highest levels.
  • Shea Lopez used the term “the wrath of Slater” to explain how Slater might react after getting beat by Adriano for the 5th time in a row. Slater did looked rattled in his post-heat interview. Will he come out swinging at Margs?
  • Taj is showing up as the hometown hero and event favorite (as highlighted in 21 Days). Will he put on a strong showing, or will he choke?
  • Medina is going to come out to show that Snapper wasn’t a fluke and that he is the real deal. Will he strengthen his claim on being a World Title contender?
  • Jeremy Flores was PISSED with Adriano and the whole interference drama. How will he react coming into Margs? How much would we love to see an Adriano/Flores rematch? …a lot.
  • The rookies: There are lots of eyes on Dion Atkinson for this event. He’s a power surfer raised on the cold, sharky slabs of southern Australia. If Margs gets some swell, he’ll be well suited to make a run. And Mitch Crews showed his high performance capabilities surprising many (especially Julian Wilson) with his strong result at Snapper. Both will be aiming to back up their results to avoid getting trapped in the lower seeds for the remainder of the year (and we know how valuable that was for Nat last year).
  • Miguel Pupo: shaped from the same mold as Gerry Lopez? His style had everyone buzzing at Snapper and he pulled right through to the Quarterfinals losing only to Parko who owned the break right up to the last minute of the finals. Will Miguel make the jump to next level this year? Many think yes.
  • (added) Will we see Kelly Slater ride without the Quiksilver logo on his Al Merrick for the first time in 23 years ? -more-

Red Bull Power Rankings: Post-Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

Red Bull Power Rankings: Post-Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast 2014 ASP

Power Rankings: Post-Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

Power Rankings: Post-Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

In the Red Bull Power Rankings: Post-Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast, Derek Rielly peels away the scores and talks about who really ripped.

A world title requires a temporary, or in Slater’s case a long-term, psychosis. Everything must bow before the crown, family, pals, behaviour. Taj is forged from a different metal. Nothing to Taj is as important as a 700-dollar cup made by a small trophy company in South Australia. And, still, Taj is the bridge between the teenagers and the old schoolers. The most complete competition surfer on tour. -more-
– Derek Rielly

The New ASP: Surfing’s Golden Dawn

The New ASP: Surfing’s Golden Dawn Stab Jed Smith

the new asp: surfing's golden dawn

The new ASP tour

In this Stab article, Jed Smith discusses the state of the ASP and new ZoSea arrangement.

A “perfect storm” of declining global economies, many of the sports biggest names turning their backs on competitive surfing, and the sport’s greatest of all-time, Kelly Slater, even attempting a breakaway Rebel Tour of his own had led many within the surf industry to believe the ASP’s competitive surfing experiment might be over. -more-
– Jed Smith