Billabong Rio Pro Pundit Picks: The Blind Team

2014 ASP Billabong Rio Pro Pundit Picks The Blind Team

2014 ASP Billabong Rio Pro Pundit Picks The Blind Team

Surfer Stats

Shea Lopez, Derek Rielly, Nick Carroll, Groundswell and the other pundits offer great insight into the surfers when offering their pundit picks. We do it differently. For our Fantasy Surfer pundit picks, we look at the numbers and not the surfers’ names. We go in blind. The Blind Team did OK at Margs (840 pts, #1033 rank), but didn’t fair so hot at Bells (710 pts, #17472 rank). For Rio, we picked our team based on past results in performance waves (vs power or barrels). For our personal club teams, we pick based on our guts and who we think are in form, but for these picks below, we remove all of the mind games. Here you go. Billabong Rio Pro Pundit Picks: The Blind Team.

Avg pts (performance waves*)
Taj Burrow $10,750,000 147
Adriano De Souza $8,250,000 133
Jordy Smith $9,750,000 130
Michel Bourez $7,500,000 112
Filipe Toledo $5,750,000 119
Owen Wright $3,250,000 82
Travis Logie $3,000,000 91
Peterson Crisanto $1,500,000 40
Total: $49,750,000 854
Wave types…
Barrels: Pipe 2012/2103, Portugal 2012/2013, France 2012, Tahiti 2012/2013, Bali 2013, Fiji 2012/2013
*Performance: Steamer Lane 2013, France 2013, Trestles 2012/2013, Rio 2012/2013, Snapper 2012
Power: Snapper 2013/2014, Bells 2012/2013/2014, Margaret River 2014

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Billabong Rio Pro Pundit Groundswell

Billabong Rio Pro Pundit Groundswell ASP 2014

Billabong Rio Pro Pundit Groundswell ASP 2014

Groundswell’s detailed write-up

Groundswell, the Fantasy Surfer forum moderator, lays down his Billabong Rio Pro pundit picks. For his detailed write-ups, check out his forum post. Like for the final few rounds at Bells, Jordy seems to have been left out…again. Poor guy.

HOT (no surprises here):
Mick Fanning, Adriano De Souza, Owen Wright

WARM (almost a lock to end up on your teams):
Kelly Slater, Filipe Toledo, Michel Bourez

COOL (you may win or lose the event with these guys):
Josh Kerr, Miguel Pupo, Kai Otton

COLD (if these surfers do well, it would REALLY surprise me):
Brett Simpson, Tiago Pires, Kolohe Andino

– Groundswell -more-

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Billabong Rio Pro Seedings

ASP 2014 Billabong Rio Pro Seedings

Billabong Rio Pro Seedings ASP 2014

Billabong Rio Pro Heat Draws

Here are the seedings and R1 heat draws (row=heat) heading in to the 2014 Billabong Rio Pro:

updated Apr 28
1. Mick Fanning 24. Kolohe Andino 36. David do Carmo
2. Kelly Slater 23. Mitch Crews 35. Peterson Crisanto
3. Joel Parkinson 22. Jeremy Flores 34. Glenn Hall
4. Taj Burrow 21. Adam Melling 33. Brett Simpson
5. Gabriel Medina 20. Ace Buchan 32. Raoni Monteiro
6. Adriano De Souza 19. Sebastian Zietz 31. Tiago Pires
7. Josh Kerr 18. Bede Burbidge 30. Dion Atkinson
8. Jordy Smith 17. Fred Patachhia 29. Travis Logie
9. Julian Wilson 16. Filipe Toledo 28. Aritz Aranburu
10. Nat Young 15. Miguel Pupo 27. Alejo Muniz
11. Michel Bourez 14. Owen Wright 26. Jadson Andre
12. John John Florence 13. CJ Hobgood 25. Matt Wilkinson
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Billabong Rio Pro Event Intro

ASP 2014 Billabong Rio Pro Event Intro

ASP 2014 Billabong Rio Pro Event IntroStarting to think about your Fantasy Surfer team for the Billabong Rio Pro? We are too. With this flip of continents, we are moving away from the power waves of Oz to the fickle beach breaks of Rio. At this venue, we will likely see some high performance aerial surfing on smaller waves but if some bigger swell rolls in, we could see some beach break barrels.

Over the next couple of weeks leading up to the event, we’ll post past winners and various pundit picks, including our own “blind team”. You can also find some good surfer stats on the Surfers page. Good luck with your teams!

To get a taste of the wave, here are some highlights from last year’s event:


Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach Wrap Up

Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach Wrap Up ASP 2014

Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach Wrap Up ASP 2014Here are a few good wrap-up articles on the 2014 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach:

Surfer Magazine:

No wave will be ridden better this year. It was platinum. It was beautiful and barbaric and it was a 10…except that it wasn’t. … The rest of the draw breathed a sigh of relief, while the contest site buzzed with talk about how Jordy had been robbed. I quizzed six past Bells winners’ opinions on the subject and their reactions ranged from, “He clearly should have won” to “It’s bullshit.” -more-
– Sean Doherty


The judges need a check up from the neck up, f’real. Jordy spanked Jules and Freddy P spanked Owen. Kelly said that Jordy’s wave was one of the best waves he’s ever seen ridden. -more-
– Dooma Fahrenfort


We’re not used to seeing 11-time World Champion Kelly Slater falling off his surfboard. But in his quarterfinal matchup against John John Florence, it was like he put the wrong fins in and used seaweed for wax. “It was a slow heat so the nerves build and I forced a couple of turns. I think after I blew it on that one wave it hit my confidence,” he told the ASP. “I’ve had a couple of things [injuries] nagging me and I haven’t been free surfing enough,” he added. Now he knows what the rest of us 40-somethings feel like—old. -more-
– Justin Cote

Surfing Life:

Before the hooter started, Gabriel Medina and Adriano de Souza pushed each other too far up the point, jostling for first wave and neither giving an inch in the battle for the inside. It was reminiscent of the cycling discipline of individual pursuit, in that it was a standoff, a game of chicken, and that the first man to flinch would eventually perish. As it were, Adriano won the battle, and would go on to win the heat, delivering Gabriel a blow that could have World Title implications. For all the crew who say, This isn’t how competition should be, we say, Boo to you, let’s fucking eat each other. -more-
– Wade Davis

…and Surfing Life’s great final day summary vid:

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Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach R2 R3 R4 Round Up

Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach R2 R3 R4 Round Up ASP 2014

Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach R2 R3 R4 Round Up ASP 2014Where to start? So much happened over the past two days. If you missed it, here are a few places to look:

ASP R2 Highlight Video | ASP R3-R4 Recap Video

Gabriel Medina vs Bede Durbidge – Controversy erupted in R3 as Medina used his priority to force Bede off a wave, but looked a bit like a diving soccer player trying to sell an interference call. Ya, Bede was pissed…in Bede’s mellow way.

Sean Doherty’s R3/R4 Recap

With his heat against Bede Durbidge seemingly under control, with Gabe leading handsomely and holding priority in the dying seconds, he chose to not simply block Bede from catching the winning wave, he veered left and tried his best to get run over and catch Bede on an interference. There was nothing subtle about his gamesmanship – his hands were in the air before they left the rails, the fade flagrant, and the display of histrionics to the judges wouldn’t look out of place at the soccer world cup in Rio in June. I watched it and had only the one question for Gabe, the big one… why?

The collective goodwill that followed Gabe’s win at Snapper was close to universal. The winds of change were blowing and Gabe was the agent of that change. Brazilian, goofy, young. It wasn’t so long ago that he’d stormed petulantly off stage in Portugal after losing to Julian Wilson in the final, but he’s matured a decade in the year since, far more comfortable in his own skin. He’s won a lot of heats since then and he’s won them in good style and with good grace. And Gabe will win a lot this year. He might win the whole damn thing, but he needs to keep in mind that how he wins will be remembered as much as what he wins. Just ask Kelly, the winningest surfer of all-time who snaked Shane Beschen once and has never been forgiven for it. -more-
– Sean Doherty

John John Florence – JJF woke up. Moving to Rincon helped. In R3, he just about cut Kai Otton in half, and then in R4, he scored a perfect 10 and just about landed on Medina. JJF’s performance even inspired Parko.

John John like just tricked everybody. We watched that and I was just baffled when I saw that. I’m like looking for inside runners and he does that out the back…I was just uh…it kind of inspired me.
– Parko

The Js wake up – JJF wasn’t the only one to wake up. Julian (9.93) and Jordy (9.57) looked back in form.

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