Oi Rio Pro: Surfline Preview

Oi Rio Pro: Surfline Preview 2015

Oi Rio Pro: Surfline Preview 2015

Surfline preview

Ben Mondy gives a preview of what we can expect at the Oi Rio Pro, the fourth stop on the WSL Championship Tour.

Watch for: Toledo, Medina, ADS, JJF, Kolohe, Kerr, Julian, Banting, Ferreira, Taj, Mick, Flores, Dusty, Jordy

While the haters may debate the sometimes marginal conditions, Rio does provide surf that 99% of us can relate to. There is also a real tuberiding element to the competition, as Barra da Tijuca has the potential to provide sand-dredging barrels, given a push of south swell, but only if the shifting sands align.

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