Oi Rio Pro: Seeds & Heat Draw 2016

Oi Rio Pro: Seeds & Heat Draw 2016

Oi Rio Pro: Seeds & Heat Draw 2016Here are the seeds and R1 heat draws (row=heat) heading in to the 2016 WSL Oi Rio Pro.

H6: 1. Adriano de Souza 24. Keanu Asing 36. Lucas Silveira
H5: 2. Matt Wilkinson 23. Jadson Andre 35. Marco Fernandez
H4: 3. Italo Ferreira 22. Miguel Pupo 34. Bino Lopes
H3: 4. Julian Wilson 21. Davey Cathels 33. Deivid Silva
H2: 5. Gabriel Medina 20. Stuart Kennedy 32. Leonardo Fioravanti
H1: 6. Filipe Toledo 19. Kanoa Igarashi 31. Dusty Payne
H7: 7. Nat Young 18. Michel Bourez 30. Alex Ribeiro
H8: 8. Jordy Smith 17. Connor Coffin 29. Jack Freestone
H9: 9. Jeremy Flores 16. Josh Kerr 28. Adam Melling
H10: 10. Kolohe Andino 15. Wiggolly Dantas 27. Ryan Callinan
H11: 11. Sebastian Zietz 14. Adrian Buchan 26. Alejo Muniz
H12: 12. Caio Ibelli 13. JJ Florence 25. Matt Banting
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  1. Can anyone please elaborate on how the head draw for Margaret river worked.

    Based on 1st round draw, Jay Davies was the 25 / 26th seed surfer. However in round 2 he was up against Jeremy flores who was the highest ranked surfer in Rd2 (meaning that Jay Davies should have been the lowest ranked surfer)

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