Oi Rio Pro: Jimmicane’s Passion Picks

Oi Rio Pro: Jimmicane’s Passion Picks 2015

Oi Rio Pro: Jimmicane's Passion Picks 2015

Jimmicane’s Passion Picks

Surfing Magazine’s Jimmicane gives his passion picks for the 2015 Oi Rio Pro, the fourth stop on the WSL Championship Tour.

Pick ’em
The Elite: Toledo, Taj
The Grinders: Medina, Slater, Jordy, Jadson
The Strugglers: Kolohe, Banting

Maybe consider
The Elite: ADS
The Grinders: SeaBass
The Strugglers: Alejo

I thought long and hard about this one but in the end decided not to throw [Adriano] on my team. After looking over the past 4 years of results, it’s solid. 9th, 2nd, 5th, 1st. Sure the win came in unison with floatergate, but for an event that’s basically a crapshoot, Adriano shows solid consistency. Unfortunately, Passion Picks doesn’t give a shit about consistency. And of course, his dream run is bound to end at some point. Maybe it’s unlikely to think it ends in Brazil, but I want a good title race and Adriano is currently in the way of that by doing too well.

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