J-Bay Open: Shea Lopez Pundit Picks

J-Bay Open: Shea Lopez Pundit Picks 2015

J-Bay Open: Shea Lopez Pundit Picks 2015

Shea’s picks

J-Bay Open: Shea Lopez Pundit Picks his team for the sixth stop on the WSL Championship Tour at the famous right point break in South Africa.

J-Bay is one of those few locales that can take an unruly open-ocean swell and transform it into corduroy perfection. Serving up everything from an easy entry and racing wall to ruler-edged tube sections that appear to stretch on forever, J-Bay truly has it all. Watching the tour’s upper echelon— Slater, Smith, Parko, Fanning— maximize every opportunity with minimum excess can be a mesmerizing show. However, watching a lesser surfer struggle to find their line or flow as they butcher a beautiful canvas can leave you questioning the future of our sport. Of the young crew, not many look prepared to match the veterans at a wave like Jeffrey’s. My Fantasy Surfer team is composed of a mix of surfers that have either proven themselves here before or have impressed me this year at other spots.

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Kelly Slater $10,000,000
Jordy Smith $7,250,000
Joel Parkinson $8,500,000
Dane Reynolds $1,500,000
Julian Wilson $8,250,000
Dusty Payne $3,000,000
Owen Wright $9,250,000

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