J-Bay Open: Ross Williams Fantasy Filter

J-Bay Open: Ross Williams Fantasy Filter 2016

Ross Williams' picks

Ross Williams’ picks

Ross Williams gives his fantasy filter pundit pick list for the 2016 J-Bay Open in South Africa, the 6th stop on the WSL Championship Tour.

Tier A: Wilko, JJF
Tier B: Mick, Parko, Julian
Tier C: Slater, Callinan

J-Bay is a long wave — a fast wave — so any issues get completely magnified: a funky style, a bad board, any problem linking your turns. The guys who flow — Mick, Parko, Jordy — completely stand out above the rest here, more than any other wave on Tour. And another thing that really sets it apart is the wave dictates everything: where you can turn, get barreled, race, relax. Surfers have to read the wave properly at J-Bay or they’re toast. You don’t really get a choice in the matter. You do what the wave calls for, and you better do it quick, or your opportunity is lost.

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