J-Bay Open: Nick Carroll’s Picks

J-Bay Open: Nick Carroll’s Picks 2015

Nick's picks

Nick’s picks

Nick Carroll gives his pundit review of the J-Bay Open in South Africa, the sixth stop on the WSL Championship Tour.

SPEED: Parko, Jordy, Slater, Mick, Bede, Melling, ADS, Toledo, Keanu
WEIGHT: Parko, Jordy, Slater, Mick, Owen, Julian, Bede, Ace, Ricardo, Dane, ADS
VISION: Toledo, Wilko, Jordy, Italo, Kolohe, Julian, Freddy-P
PRIORITY: ADS, Mick, Slater, Owen

OK here comes the most testing event of 2015. Jeffreys Bay, we sense, is about to put the top 34 through the goddam wringer.

– Nick Carroll -more-

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