Hurley Pro Trestles: Surfline Preview

Hurley Pro Trestles: Surfline Preview 2014

Hurley Pro Trestles: Surfline Preview 2014

Surfline preview

Marcus Sanders & Mike Cianciulli at Surfline put together a great series of quotes from the surfers as we head into the 2014 Hurley Pro at Trestles.

Three Scariest Draws:
Mick – “Taj, Julian, Kelly”
Jordy – “Kelly, Julian, Gabby”
Taj – “Jordy, Julian, Kolohe”
Nat – “Gabriel, Jordy, Filipe”
Fred – “Madina, Madina, Madina”

Trestles has been a strong event for me historically and I’m generally pretty solid through the back half of the season. If we’re going to stop Medina, though, we’re going to need to start putting some wins on the board soon. It was good to gain some ground somewhat with a finals in Tahiti, but Medina grabbing his third win of the season really puts him in a commanding lead.

– Kelly Slater -more-

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