Hurley Pro Trestles Pundit Picks Nick Carroll

Hurley Pro Trestles Pundit Picks Nick Carroll 2014

Hurley Pro Trestles Pundit Picks Nick Carroll 2014

Nick Carroll’s break down

Surfing Life’s pundit Nick Carroll breaks the field down into four categories:

FAVOURED: Medina, Kolohe, Taj, Slater
DEADLY: Kerr, Toledo, Bede, JJF
NEEDS IT: Jadson, Julian, Jordy
COULD BE: Crews, Pupo, ADS, Owen

We thought Teahupo’o would be 2014’s circuit breaker. It did a hell of a lot more than that. In just a few hours of vast exploding barrels, it pretty much reorganised the tour’s power structure. If we see a better event this decade, much less this year, we’ll be bloody lucky. But meanwhile, we now turn to Lowers, and if we can shake off the Chopesover, we’ll be in for what SL suspects will be a vastly entertaining contest.

– Nick Carroll -more-

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