Hurley Pro Trestles Pundit Picks Jimmicane

Hurley Pro Trestles Pundit Picks Jimmicane 2014

Hurley Pro Trestles Pundit Picks Jimmicane 2014

Jimmicane’s Passion Picks

Surfing Magazine’s Jimmicane gives his passion picks for the 2014 Hurley Pro at Trestles.

Pick ’em
The Elite: Medina, Kolohe
The Grinders: Jordy, Julian, Nat, JJF
The Strugglers: Crews, Muniz

The Elite: Taj
The Grinders: no one
The Strugglers: everyone

Nothing will make your head spin like trying to pick a fantasy team after watching the world’s best destroy Lowers for three days straight. One minute you’re set thinking Kelly will continue his stellar track record here and win again, the next you see Michel Bourez and he looks completely unstoppable. The fact is, everyone surfs insane at Lowers. If you pushed your grandma into a set wave here she’d probably rip. It’s very easy, and thus very fun to watch because these guys make it their bitch.

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