Hurley Pro Trestles: Nick Carroll’s Picks

Hurley Pro Trestles: Nick Carroll’s Picks 2015

Nick's picks

Nick’s picks

Nick Carroll gives his pundit review of the Hurley Pro Trestles in SoCal, the eighth stop on the WSL Championship Tour.

TITLE RACERS: ADS, Toledo, Mick, Owen, Julian
OTHERS CALLS: Medina, Kerr, Italo, JJF, Jadson, Keanu, Kolohe

Well, whoopeee, it’s Lowers! The wave talked down by the local crew as “Slowers” provides a kind of re-set for the world tour after all the Pacific reef break hijinks. Groomed and playful, with its farcically easy lip area and surprising down-the-line speed, this is the Snapper Rocks of the back third of the year –a place to nail down your top 10 shot, to aggravate a small injury, and to blow your sponsor’s mind with some high tech brilliance. For a couple of surfers in both boys and girls camps, it looms as a potential world title deal-maker.

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