Fiji Pro: Shea Lopez Pundit Picks

Fiji Pro: Shea Lopez Pundit Picks 2015

Fiji Pro: Shea Lopez Pundit Picks 2015

Shea’s detailed write-up

Fiji Pro: Shea Lopez Pundit Picks his team for the fifth stop on the WSL Championship Tour.

Once you’ve experienced it in person, the mesmerizing allure of Cloudbreak burns an indelible impression upon you. A kaleidoscope of colors and shapes, the waves there remind us that we are living in a world that must be seen to be believed. The waves can be so perfect that unseasoned competitors will often take on a deer-in-headlights look as they stare off into this heavenly setup. (If you haven’t guessed it by now, I enjoyed my time competing at the Fiji Pro more than any other stop on Tour.) For Kelly Slater, Owen Wright, and a few others, the options that span the vast expanse of Cloudbreak are easy to read and exploit to their liking. For others, drawing the right lines amid this pristine canvas can be more difficult than it appears.

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Kelly Slater $9,750,000
Gabriel Medina $10,500,000
CJ Hobgood $3,000,000
Fred Patacchia $4,500,000
Owen Wright $8,250,000
Julian Wilson $7,250,000
Wiggolly Dantas $4,500,000
Dusty Payne $3,250,000

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