Fiji Pro: Nick Carroll’s Picks

Fiji Pro: Nick Carroll’s Picks 2015

Nick's picks

Nick’s picks

Nick Carroll gives his pundit review of the Fiji Pro, the fifth stop on the WSL Championship Tour.

Momentum: Toledo, Wilko, Bede, Jadson, Ricardo
Experience: Mick, ADS, Parko, Flores, Medina
Experience++: Slater
Frothing: Pupo, Jadson, CJ, Seabass, Otton, Jay Davies
Likes: Kerr, Owen, Nat

Cloudbreak is probably the best WCT wave in the world, not as gladiatorial as Pipe maybe, or as fearsome as large Teahupo’o, but more open to a wide range of surfing styles; everyone’s got a shot, and many heats will come down to the fall of the set waves through priority. Armchair experts will be muttering about how the big older power guys will be putting it to the light-footed kids but we suspect it may turn out a bit more complex than that.

Who will? Like we said, anyone’s in with a shot. A great board or two may turn things. So might momentum. So might experience. So might froth.

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