Drug Aware Margaret River Pro Preview

Drug Aware Margaret River Pro Preview 2014 Fantasy Surfer preview

The contest at Margaret River started in 1985, but 2014 is the first year it has been apart of the World Tour. From what I’ve heard, the wave offers a punchy right or longer left. If the waves are smaller, we might see some of them taking to the air (Josh Kerr, I’m looking at you), but I’d guess we’ll see more power surfing. For more info, see the schedule.

It’s a good wave. It’s a tricky wave too. I think we might see some upsets go down there. You know, especially guys…you know…with those big frames that can throw a lot of water and stay heavy on their board. I think they’re going to be really dangerous out there.
– Mick Fanning

Josh Kerr winning the 2010 event (check out the 10 point ride at 1:57):
Kelly Slater at the 2011 contest:
Dusty Payne winning in 2013:
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