J-Bay Open: Ross Williams Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em

J-Bay Open: Ross Williams Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em 2015

J-Bay Open: Ross Williams Start 'Em, Sit 'Em 2015

Ross Williams’ picks

Ross Williams gives his start ’em, sit ’em pundit pick list for the 2015 J-Bay Open in South Africa, the sixth stop on the WSL Championship Tour.

Start ‘Em: Julian, Wilko, Keanu
Sit ‘Em: Kerr, Jadson, Hall
Darkhorse: Melling

Cloudbreak and Supertubes both require a high surfing IQ: Surfers who match their tempo with the speed of the wave have the most success. You need to take in the information the wall ahead is giving well before the time comes to launch your choice of maneuvers. That’s what makes guys like Tom Curren, Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson and Jordy Smith so great at Jeffreys Bay. Just like Fiji, J-Bay can be inconsistent, so a surfer’s ability to shrug off the pressure while he waits for that one perfect wave is key.

– Ross Williams -more-

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J-Bay Open: Groundswell’s Hot & Cold Picks

J-Bay Open: Groundswell’s Hot & Cold Picks 2015

J-Bay Open: Groundswell's Hot & Cold Picks 2015

Groundswell’s detailed write-up

Groundswell, the Fantasy Surfer forum moderator, lays down his Hot & Cold J-Bay pundit picks for 2015. For his detailed write-ups and other WSL Championship Tour contest picks, check out his forum posts.

HOT: Mick, Parko, Bourez

COLD: CJ, Medina, ADS

BOOM OR BUST: JJF, Jordy, Dusty


– Groundswell -more-

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J-Bay Open: Past Results 2010-2014

J-Bay Open: Past Results 2010-2014

Here are the J-Bay Open past results and winners from 2010-2014. The Championship Tour did not stop at Jeffreys Bay in 2012 or 2013.

Winner Runner-up Semis Quarters R5
2014 Mick Fanning Joel Parkinson Matt Wilkinson
Owen Wright
Taj Burrow
Gabriel Medina
Adriano De Souza
Alejo Muniz
Josh Kerr
Kolohe Andino
CJ Hobgood
Fred Patacchia
2011 Jordy Smith Mick Fanning Ace Buchan
Joel Parkinson
Alejo Muniz
Damien Hobgood
Josh Kerr
Julian Wilson
Bede Durbidge
Daniel Ross
Adam Melling
Michel Bourez
2010 Jordy Smith Adam Melling Bede Durbidge
Taj Burrow
Adriano De Souza
Damien Hobgood
Dane Reynolds
Sean Holmes
Adrian Buchan
Owen Wright
Matt Wilkinson
Andy Irons

Matt Wilkinson Halftime Huddle

Matt Wilkinson Halftime Huddle

Matt Wilkinson Halftime Huddle

Interview with Matt Wilkinson

Chris Binns interviews Matt Wilkinson after his impressive performance at J-Bay.

I had a really bad start to the year. My surfing was feeling fine, I just couldn’t really put a heat together. I was getting one big score and no back up, or just having really slow, low scoring heats. It was frustrating, and I was definitely losing confidence, but strong results at Ballito and J-Bay have got me feeling good about myself again. I’m probably gonna win the rest of the events this year, and it will be awesome.

– Matt Wilkinson -more-

ASP J-Bay Open Surfline Power Rankings Ben Mondy

ASP J-Bay Open Surfline Power Rankings Ben Mondy

ASP J-Bay Open Surfline Power Rankings Ben Mondy

Ben Mondy’s Power Rankings

Ben Mondy gives his list of who was hot coming out of J-Bay as we look towards Tahiti.

Wilko needed this. Surfing needed this. We needed a goofyfooter to come out and change our views on what is possible at J-Bay. No one had done that since Occy, and that was a long, long time ago. That fact that it was Wilko, who provided the narrative arc of shitty results and eccentric acts, made it all the more satisfying. From the moment he took off on the first wave in his heat against Kelly and blasted him in the face with a controlled, confident and aggressive first turn, you sensed this was going to be his event. Perhaps surprisingly, it was his open face carves, and not his trademark tail releases that set up all his victories and it took a Parko 10 to stop him.

– Ben Mondy -more-

ASP J-Bay Open Power Rankings Derek Rielly

ASP J-Bay Open Power Rankings Derek Rielly 2014

ASP J-Bay Open Power Rankings Derek Rielly

Derek Rielly’s Power Rankings

Derek Rielly gives his Power Rankings after the J-Bay Open as we head into the Billabong Pro Teahupoo in Tahiti.

1. Kolohe Andino 6. Adriano De Souza
2. Joel Parkinson 7. Kelly Slater
3. Mick Fanning 8. Michel Bourez
4. Taj Burrow 9. Matt WIlkinson
5. Gabriel Medina 10. Jordy Smith

Did you see Kolohe drain the life out of his opponent, Julian Wilson, whose own body seems to have lost its magic rhythm? Women shrieked on the beach hysterically. Others snorted and whistled and laughed like hyenas. I place Kolohe Andino at number one because has there ever been such a dramatic change in form? In the space of four months, Kolohe has changed from a precious little princess grimly tagging waves to a long-haired albatross soaring skyward, and damn the consequences. I swear, if he wanted, Kolohe could unfurl his tongue and catch flies straight out of mid-air!

– Derek Rielly -more-

ASP J-Bay Open Lessons Learned

ASP J-Bay Open Lessons Learned 2014

ASP J-Bay Open Lessons Learned 2014

Five Lessons by Derek Rielly

Derek Rielly gives five lessons learned as the tour passes the half way point and Mick Fanning launches his run at the J-Bay Open.

Fanning’s second win for the year takes him to third on the ratings, equal with Gabriel Medina at the top once throwaways are factored in, while Parkinson’s continued consistency sees him skip to three. Elsewhere among the big dogs Taj Burrow maintains fourth, Michel Bourez and Kelly Slater drop three places to fifth and sixth respectively, then comes the mighty Adriano de Souza in seventh. All of these men would consider themselves a chance at the title, beyond them only a very desperate punter would part with his leaves.

– Derek Rielly -more-