Billabong Pro Tahiti Pundit Picks Jimmicane

Billabong Pro Tahiti Pundit Picks Jimmicane Teahupoo 2014

Billabong Pro Tahiti Pundit Picks Jimmicane Teahupoo 2014

Jimmicane’s Passion Picks

Surfing Magazine’s Jimmicane gives his passion picks for the 2014 Billabong Pro Tahiti in Teahupoo.

Pick ’em
The Elite: Michel Bourez, Kelly Slater
The Grinders: John John Florence, Josh Kerr, Owen Wright
The Strugglers: Kai Otton, Brett Simpson

The Elite: Gabriel Medina
The Grinders: Alejo Muniz
The Strugglers: Mitch Crews

After he had yet another shocker here last year, I said that I’d never again pick Michel in Tahiti. He puts too much pressure on himself and isn’t significantly better than the other elite surfers at Teahupo’o. Then I got drunk with him in Fiji and we talked about this event and what would happen if he won. It made me so happy to think about. This is Passion Picks and I want Michel to win so I’m picking him. Fuck the odds. He’s going to do it for his brother, who got severely hurt in the trials just a few days ago.

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