ASP J-Bay Open Power Rankings Derek Rielly

ASP J-Bay Open Power Rankings Derek Rielly 2014

ASP J-Bay Open Power Rankings Derek Rielly

Derek Rielly’s Power Rankings

Derek Rielly gives his Power Rankings after the J-Bay Open as we head into the Billabong Pro Teahupoo in Tahiti.

1. Kolohe Andino 6. Adriano De Souza
2. Joel Parkinson 7. Kelly Slater
3. Mick Fanning 8. Michel Bourez
4. Taj Burrow 9. Matt WIlkinson
5. Gabriel Medina 10. Jordy Smith

Did you see Kolohe drain the life out of his opponent, Julian Wilson, whose own body seems to have lost its magic rhythm? Women shrieked on the beach hysterically. Others snorted and whistled and laughed like hyenas. I place Kolohe Andino at number one because has there ever been such a dramatic change in form? In the space of four months, Kolohe has changed from a precious little princess grimly tagging waves to a long-haired albatross soaring skyward, and damn the consequences. I swear, if he wanted, Kolohe could unfurl his tongue and catch flies straight out of mid-air!

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