ASP J-Bay Open Lessons Learned Day 3

ASP J-Bay Open Lessons Learned Day 3 2014

ASP J-Bay Open Lessons Learned Day 3

Five Lessons by Derek Rielly

Derek Rielly gives five lessons learned as many of the heavy hitters are eliminated from the J-Bay Open 2014.

Watching the 11-timer struggle so desperately to find some kinda form this year has been like finding a grey hair on your own head. You know it has to happen, but the shock is immeasurable; a mixture of hurt, fear and contempt for the ageing process. Switching between three and four fins doesn’t work for the most pitiful surfers, nor does it work for the greatest, apparently. To watch Slater bend at the waist as he lands out of the lip, as he wave his hands for balance and as he adopts a safety stance between turns is as ghastly as anything committed by the new rulers of the caliphate. On paper, Slater can still win the world title. He won’t.

– Derek Rielly -more-

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