ASP Fiji Pro Power Rankings by Ross Williams & Martin Potter

ASP Fiji Pro Power Rankings Ross Williams Martin Potter 2014

ASP Fiji Pro Power Rankings Ross Williams Martin Potter

Ross Williams & Martin Potter’s Power Rankings

Ross Williams & Martin Potter give their analysis of the field coming out of Fiji as we head into J-Bay.

There’s starting to become daylight between the younger guys and the usual suspects. The young guns are getting more experience and starting to work out the game and how to beat these older guys–’cause it takes a lot more than good surfing to win events. They’re also getting bigger and stronger and it’s starting to show.
– Martin Potter -more-

It’s actually pretty complex with the swell — or lack thereof — that really created these results in Fiji. That being said, Gabriel Medina is well rounded. You can see him winning here when it’s six- to eight-foot. And as our veterans get older and older, guess what? Guys like Gabriel are going to get 9s on closeouts. It’s only going to get harder from here on out, and slowly but surely we’re going to see different names winning world titles. That’s just the nature of it.
– Ross Williams -more-

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