10 Things Mitch Crews Hates About Teahupo’o

10 Things Mitch Crews Hates About Teahupo’o 2014

10 Things Mitch Crews Hates About Teahupo'o 2014

10 Things Mitch Hates

Mitch Crews gets brutally honest about the brutally menacing mutant in Tahiti.

All the people that are not surfing are all people from the surf world that will judge the absolute shit out of you for everything you do. So if you kook it, you’re a kook. If you charge, you’re the man etc. etc. Basically you can’t fuck up and look like a fool–everyone will laugh at you. So for someone like me, a first timer with little confidence, it’s crucial I select waves that I can get drained easily inside my comfort zone and build from there. Then hopefully not look like a peanut in front of everyone.

You would hope to think that with Chopes being scary and heavy, there would have to be some sort of loophole to make it a little more friendly, like the reef not being too sharp. Wrong… no loophole… The reef is sharp as hell–you just brush it and you’re done. Pissing blood and lime in your cuts.

I’ve experienced Teahupoo the past few days around 6-8 feet solid. It’s been scaring the shit out of me. It’s looking like for Monday during the event waiting period it’s going to be 10-12 feet. Yay.

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